Friday, September 28, 2007

Ryan Harriman: Protect education, not institution

A powerful piece in the Utah newspaper The Daily Herald yesterday laid out a systematic assault on movements to give parents freedom to choose how their children are educated by the National Education Association. A few examples of the fundraising implemented by the NEA were laid out by author Ryan Harriman:

â In September 2000, the NEA bombarded California with $4.5 million to oppose Proposition 38, which would have created vouchers.

â In September 2000 and again in January 2001, the NEA slipped $850,000 (for a total of $1.7 million) to its Michigan union in a successful campaign to oppose a voucher amendment.

â In October 2001, the NEA provided $500,000 to its New Jersey union to run a campaign that expanded and solidified the anti-voucher effort in the state.

â In December 2003, the NEA infused $469,000 into Colorado. The NEA's state unions anticipated a major legislative fight the next year and wanted to conduct a public relations campaign to build up political capital. In particular, the state unions were concerned about voucher legislation. The campaign helped the state unions defeat three voucher bills, including a special education bill.

â In February 2004, the NEA gave its Wisconsin union $300,000 to fund a grass-roots campaign to oppose legislation expanding charter schools, vouchers, tax credits, and other "choice schemes."

When I read the term "scheme" that was used by the NEA I actually had a negative physical reaction similiar to what one would experience when feces is placed in their food. Someone has to stop teacher's unions before it's too late.

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