Monday, October 8, 2007

Fantagraphics publishes the works of Bill Mauldin

Fantagraphics, a Seattle-area publishing company known for everything from The Complete Peanuts to Safe Area Gorazde, a graphic novel based on war in Bosnia, is publishing the works of embedded cartoonist Bill Mauldin. Comic Book Resources has more information:

�The real war,� said Walt Whitman, �will never get in the books.� During WW II, the closest most Americans ever came to the �real war� was through the cartoons of Bill Mauldin, the most beloved enlisted man in the U.S. Army. Television viewers this week will recognize Mauldin from being featured in Ken Burns' epic PBS documentary about WWII, "The War."

Here, for the first time, Fantagraphics Books brings together Mauldin�s complete works from 1940 through the end of the war. This collection of over 600 cartoons, most never before reprinted, is more than the record of a great artist: it is an essential chronicle of America�s citizen-soldiers from peace through war to victory.

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