Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Halloween Scrooge

I have to be totally honest about something. I hate Halloween. Besides the commercial creation of Valentine's Day and the politically correct holiday that is rarely actually celebrated, Kwanzaa, Halloween ranks as the worst holiday of the year.

I never liked it. When I was little, I had to be forced by my family to dress up, despite intense protests. There were plenty of things for me to dress up as, and I was a huge fan of comic book superheroes. From the beginning, I just never saw the point of this holiday other than an excuse for people to dress up as things they're not.

There is relevance to the holiday in Mexico, where Halloween is marked as the "Day of the Dead." It would be very nice if Americans had a holiday where they remembered all those who have passed on, but Halloween as we celebrate is nothing like that. It's an absolutely meaningless day of excess involving candy, pumpkins and costumes. The focus of Halloween being scary has even lost its meaning. What is frightening or chilling about dressing up as Spongebob, a panda or (and I'm not kidding) a plug and socket?

I'm not against holidays. Not by a long shot. Unlike alot of people I've met, I love Christmas. I love everything about it: the music, the gifts, the celebration of the birth of Christ, hanging up stockings, the tree and Santa Claus. Despite being a vegetarian, I always look forward to Thanksgiving. Even though I don't celebrate it very much, I respect Easter as honoring the sacrifice that Christ made.

I'll be sitting this Halloween out, as I do just about every year. I'll be watching a movie off of Netflix, and I will have candy for any kids that knock on the door because I'm not totally cold-hearted. As for dressing up in costume or decorating the house, forget it. That money's getting saved for Christmas decorations.

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