Monday, October 29, 2007

Let Laura wear the hijab

I'm pretty in deep in studying anthropology right now, and it may be a result of very liberal reading material that I differ with the Weekly Standard and Allahpundit on the issue of Laura Bush donning the hijab on a visit to Saudi Arabia and subsequently rebutting critics, but hear me out.

The struggle against radical Islam is not against the religious practitioners. It is not against the women who follow the custom of donning the hijab, veiling or covering themselves in a burqa. (I have heard it stated many times that this custom has been present for women in the Middle East long before the arrival of Islam, something I will do some investigating into.) It's against the types of guys that pour gasoline on 5 year old boys and set them on fire for no reason. It's against the worst human beings on earth, who are exporting their inhumanity to other countries.

Targeting ancient practices of everyday people seems counterproductive in the face of that kind of terror.