Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rapper T.I. arrested on federal weapons charges

It seems like guns are all I'm writing about right now, but those are the stories being thrown at me right now. This one is about southern rapper T.I.:

Rapper T.I. was arrested Saturday as he allegedly tried to add three machine guns and two silencers to wha authorities said was an "arsenal" of weapons that, as a convicted felon, he was not allowed to own.

This sort of thing is ridiculous. T.I. isn't very good in my opinion, and sometimes I wish these guys would go work at a gun magazine or at shows instead of trying their hand at music.


Daniel said...

Hey, don't worry, if it was a normal citizen who did this he would be behind bars for years. A rich rapper? You watch, a slap on the wrist. Hollywood loves criminals, gives them street cred. They like to ban guns for normal citizens but the rich stars need them to make money.

Harry said...

This feller should be thrown into jail and the keys lost forever.. BUT then we all know this is not going to happen.. Like the dude above me says.. hollywood loves criminals.
Seriously it is people like this rapper freak that make the world a more dangerous place to live in. Guns support drugs.. drugs goes to our kids.. our kids become addicts..
result = the end of mankind as we all know it.

MOPowell said...

Daniel - You may very well have a point there. It seems like we regularly see entertainers of all stripes get slaps on the wrists for things that most people would never get away with. Hell, we rarely hear about alot of it. How many people know that Jack White beat the hell out of the leader singer of another band to the point where the guy looked like the Elephant Man afterwards?

Harry - I think talking about putting people in jail forever for having illegal firearms may be a tad bit excessive.

Anonymous said...

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