Saturday, October 6, 2007

Revolution Void

For several years in my adolescence, I listened to strictly electronic music. I've met alot of people with autism spectrum disorders who have been attracted to this kind of music as well. I don't know if there's anything to it, or just the times I live in and the people I meet.

Anyway, electronic music eventually progressed to hip-hop, and the two went back and forth. I only got into rock a little bit, and usually I was attracted to bands that used alot of keyboards, electronics and unusual instrumentation.

When I must have been in seventh grade or so, I heard a song called "Science and Space" by a kid name Jonah Dempsy AKA Revolution Void. I spent years trying to pin down who he was so that I could get a copy of that song. Today, about eight years later, without even trying (isn't that always the way it is?), I found Dempsy through his blog, where he is provided much of music for free.

It's all pretty chill and perfect for reading, thinking and writing. Sometimes words are distracting and I come up with no better solution to a distracted mind that the best electronic music.


Doc Steech said...

OOOH, not good: you're a gun grabber. Right to bear arms, a Bill of Rights thing. You don't like it.

That puts you at odds with the rest of us, Micheal O. Powell.

I read your argument. I think you have lived in Seattle too long, and have been drinking the water up there. It resembles Kool-Aid.

Stalin was a gun grabber. Mao was a gun grabber. Pol Pot was a gun grabber. Al Gore was a gun grabber. Perhaps you see a pattern here?

Doc signing off.

MOPowell said...

Nah, I've seen gun violence too long, Steech. I don't think Cho or Eric Harris would have caused as much damage if they'd been armed with knives and baseball bats. And a guy like Cho was able to get his gun legally too, right? Isn't there something wrong going on with that?

Now, that doesn't mean going after the law abiders is the right thing to do. By going after the flow of guns, as I wrote, perhaps that should mean aggressively going after the flow of illegal arms. Would that be gun-grabbing? While we talk about the second amendment, we should also remember that the role of government is to defend the citizenry from threats both foreign AND domestic.

MOPowell said...

BTW, thanks for the regular comments and reading what I have to say, Doc. When I moved from Townhall to Blogger, I was worried that I wouldn't get as many. Thank you!

Doc Steech said...

Yes, I understand your position. Guns in the wrong hands can create bad situations.

But the vision of the Founding Fathers diverges from yours. Once the government starts grabbing guns, then only bad guys will have them, bad guys and the government. And that's a bad deal all the way around.

Cho was a monster, and probably could have done his evil with home made explosives, or some other weapon, and guns are not to blame for his evil, he is.

You gotta admit, that for a conservative commentator such as yourself, you are significantly ensconced on the wrong side of the issue when you advocate having our guns grabbed. I know how it is to live in the Pacific Northwest, and the constant pressure that the liberal mindset places on you, I'm guessing that this notion has gotten into your head through constant liberal exposure.

And another non-conservative comment you made: "the role of government is to defend the citizenry from threats both foreign AND domestic." Even though you wrote this as it pertains to gun ownership, the sentiment is a dangerous one. For anyone to rely solely on the government to protect you, you place yourself and your family in peril: look at the poor wretches in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. They were fully expecting an enormous fleet of government helicopters to swoop in and whisk them off their roofs to the nearest Marriott or Hilton facility, replace their hovels, and whisk them back, pretty as you please.

They know better now.

MOPowell said...

Doc, I'm sure whatever readers I have from my column (hello to both of you!) might be reading this so I probably should be careful with my words, but you are right that I feel pressure in the Northwest. By being a somewhat moderate libertarian, which I consider myself, I am still an oddball amongst people that think Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevera are the true heroes of the twentieth century.

That piece was written right after the VT massacre, so emotion may have gotten the best of me. In retrospect, a better argument would have been for intervention in obvious cases of severe mental illness.