Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sean Penn, 21st century useful idiot

I just ended the Hugo Chavez Watch blog that I started around half a year ago. Updates were infrequent, and the people that had helped start it seemed to lose interest as fast as myself. Just as I should have expected, as soon as I end a blog dedicated to monitoring this rising Communist tyrant, more news comes in regarding Pirate Boy (my pet name for Hugo) and the Hollywood celebrities that love him.

This was taken from a Newsbusters linked transcript of Sean Penn's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman:

LETTERMAN: But isn't he talking about nationalizing the media? That always makes me a little concerned when somebody's talking about doing that.

PENN: He's, well, you know, one of the things that's been said about him is he's shut down a television station. What happened is that since 1998 they had been encouraging the assassination of Chavez every day on that channel -- something that they would have gone to prison for here. And so he just didn't re-up that license. But meanwhile, you know, the idea that, that there's no freedom of expression, I mean the loons on Fox News are broadcast there every day.

In contrast, here is the Reporters Without Borders analysis of the closing of RCTV:

Widely condemned abroad, RCTV’s closure was much more than just an administrative measure. It was a political move without precedent in Latin America, a key element in a government takeover of the broadcast media that is part of a determined effort to control and occupy the entire public arena…

The press freedom organisation found that the decisions to close RCTV and transfer its terrestrial broadcast channel to a new public TV station, Televisora Venezolana Social (Tves), were conducted outside of all regular legal channels and in defiance of the jurisprudence established by the Organisation of American States, to which Venezuela belongs.

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