Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Source talks to Brother Ali

Brother Ali recently was interviewed by the Source magazine (yes, it's still being published) and Ali said some good stuff in regards to crap that calls itself music on the radio these days:

Will the ability to connect with fans on the indie level with the financial backing of major label ever lead Hip-Hop back to that Golden Era radio-wise?

I know that in the '80's they had Glam Rock guys on stage dressed like women with long hair, and then Nirvana came out and then they had Grunge Rock. it was a backlash. People wanted to get back to dirty rock music. I know that nobody is taking what is on the radio seriously, except for some kids. People always want music to mean something to them. Hip-Hop means dollars. You can't change that . but people are more open to hear something different. It can't stay like it is for too much longer. There are songs on The Undisputed Truth where I talk about caring about the legacy of the art - "Pedigree" and "Whatcha Got." It's one of the most important things in society and culture, and how it affects the whole world. And Hip-Hop is a real distinct thing that people for the richest country in the world -- but a the bottom of that totem pole -- created. There is something to be said about that.

Read the whole thing, it's not long.

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