Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"True Magic"

Okayplayer has a post on Mos Def's last album, True Magic, which was a little bit unorthodox:

• We bumped into Mos Def's manager the other night and took the opportunity to inquire about the anomaly that was Mos's True Magic and the bizarre manner in which it was released (no fanfare, no hype, clear plastic jewel case with a simple cd inside with a graphic of Mos on the cd). There's been much speculation surrounding this record, especially considering it was his last commitment to Geffen Records. Although released a while back (12/29/06), rumors have lingered that the album could be return in some sort of more "official" manner, possibly with a different tracklisting. Mos's manager explained that they had no further plans for the project. It turns out Mos wanted the album put out the way it was, with no frills attached, all about the music. He wanted a simple release, with literally no media promotion, just some great music on disc with his name on it. It was intended for those who knew, and for those who missed it, well. And now Label Guy has confirmed this from their end. And btw, it is some great music so cop if you haven't!

I have to disagree. While there were some good tracks ("Lifetime" had all the great qualities I like about Mos Def crooning in his unique singing style that can only be compared to Gil Scott-Heron) the album overall wasn't very good and seemed more than half-assed, as if music had taken the backburner to Mos Def's film career.

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