Friday, November 2, 2007

The Small Sins of Thomas D'Arcy

I was privileged to talk to the man behind the electropop group Small Sins. The conversation resulted in an article published in the e-magazine Mstation. Here's a small bite of the article:

How did you become part of Astralwerks?

We knew they were coming to our showcase at CMJ 2005. It was to be our first show with the current lineup, but on the way down, we were turned away at the border. We were fingerprinted and told not to try again, but the show just felt like it was going to be important, so the next morning we tried again (which is a bit risky - we can't screw around with the possibility of never being able to come to the U.S. again, which has happened to a few other Canadian bands under similar circumstances). Somehow we got in, drove our asses off without stopping, got to New York, found a parking spot right outside the club, rushed our gear right on stage, had one cigarette and then performed. Thirty minutes later I was having my first conversation with the label - which went well to say the least.

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