Saturday, November 3, 2007

Video: The Insurgents Movie Trailer

With the exception of the TV shows Sleeper Cell and 24, there have been few movies or TV shows with the balls to tackle the biggest issue of today: Islamic terrorism. I'm not sure this movie is it, and based on the trailer and description, it seems geared in a left-of-center direction:

"The Insurgents" uses the events of 9/11 as a springboard to talk about politics and society, security and freedom, patriotism and dissent. Led by a disillusioned former government operative turned radical left-wing academic, a group plans to detonate a bomb in the United States as an act of protest against what they feel are imperialistic actions. Throughout their planning and doubts among some members, issues such as when is violence an appropriate response and what is the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter are debated. A fractured narrative structure adds to the suspense as complications such as love triangles and double crosses are gradually revealed. It is an unflinching self-examination of what it means to be American, the state in which we find ourselves, the implications for the future.

The Insurgents Trailer #1

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The one thing I found myself thinking while watching the trailer was, "Well, looks like some leftists are taking their radical beliefs to their logical conclusion."


Scatbug said...

Whoopee! Another important movie that no one will go see. Three observations:

1. The characters appear to be young, healthy urban professionals with nice piles of discretionary income. Hardly the picture of oppression. (Unless all of the abortion clinics are closed.)

2. The furrowed-brow young woman says: "If you believe the election [in 2000?] was stolen...If you believe the Constitution is being shredded..." Uh, sorry sister. If you believe the election was stolen, you do not understand the Constitution. And besides, if believe 2000 was a conspiracy, you're nuts. Just look at Al Gore.

3. Do they really want to go with the label "insurgents"? Oh, who am I kidding. Of course they do.

MOPowell said...

Scatbug, I think you said it as well as I could. It seems almost impossible to rationally talk about a conspiracy against Al Gore when the man has successfully marketed his films and books in the global capitalist market, as well as recieved a frickin Nobel Peace Prize.

Note: The trailer that I posted no longer seems to be working. I'll try to fix up the post so that people can get a taste of the movie we're talking about.

MOPowell said...

Forget that last comment. It's working now.

Scatbug said...


As Steyn has pointed out, how is it possible that those folks with "9/11 was an inside job" bumper stickers are not in a CIA prison being water boarded?

One more thought. There are what, 5 or 6 characters in this movie? And they seem angry enough at whatever to feel morally justified in murdering their fellow citizens, who likely have nothing to do with the "insurgents'" grievances. Right? Sounds like a rather diabolical conspiracy to me.