Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wash. says no to transportation measure

My next column will be focusing on the results of this previous election, and what will be the impact on Seattle and the state:

SEATTLE - Voters in congested King, Snohomish and Pierce counties were trouncing a tax package to pay for at least $18 billion worth of road and transit projects.

Proposition 1 was trailing by 12 points midday Wednesday. The plan was the most ambitious and expensive transportation package ever placed on a Washington ballot, and was described as America's largest local tax package.

Elected leaders are now trying to figure out the next step to go from here. House transportation committee chair Rep. Judy Clibborn says she's disappointed but not surprised by the overwhelming disapproval of Proposition One.

"I was very disappointed because it is a solution to something that everyone comes about which is congestion, but I'm not totally surprised," said Clibborn, (D)-Mercer Island.

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