Sunday, December 30, 2007

The debate over Reparations continues

H/T to Hip Hop Republican

Joe Scarborough had a segment on his show on the campaign to enact reparations for the descendants of slaves. One of the guests, Ida Hakim, is the author of the absurdly titled book "Reparations: The Solution to America's Race Problem." The other guest Niger Innis, from the Congress of Racial Equality, seemed like a smart guy that I would like to hear more from.

The quote that Niger Innis pulled out from former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, that we should be careful about making "the black race a permanent badge of inferiority," is some powerful stuff. Innis went on to say some other good stuff about "god awful public schools" (something I've had experience with) and the stereotypical images in music and other entertainment of blacks as gangstas and "hoochie-mamas." These are problems that aren't really tackled by the political left, who seem to put gangsta rap and self-destructive black imagery into their toxic idea of cultural relativism (the notion, prevalent amongst anthropologists, that all cultures are of equal value), but that are regularly tackled by conservatives.

Giving free money to black people is never going to solve racial problems. Nurturing a generation of black people to believe in themselves enough to make their own money will.

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