Monday, December 3, 2007

Storm batters the Seattle area

The entire Puget Sound area is being caught up in a storm unlike any I've seen. If you take that staement with a grain of salt, it's okay. Seattleites tend to overreact when anything chaotic hits their shores (the fanaticism surrounded the earthquakes in 2001 and 1996 come to mind as examples of this), but the level of rain we've been recieving is very abnormal even in the "city that always rains."

Governor Gregoire has declared a statewide state of emergency in response to the flooding brought on by the storm. While the storm is brutal, the chances of a northwestern Katrina probably aren't very high. Seattle is an area of hills and mountains, and residents are for the most part protected from the sort of battering that those in the Gulf Coast took in 2004. Other parts of Western Washington don't seem to have that blessing, and cities like Woodinville have taken a beating.

This is the middle of winter, and with that is shorter days and darker nights, which make it very frightening to leave the house during the evenings. The already depressing environment of Seattle becomes even drearier with a storm like this.

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