Saturday, December 29, 2007

V for Vendetta

I finally saw V for Vendetta, over a year and a half since it arrived in theaters. I was pleasantly surprised, as it was a very well done film. I especially liked that they showed a resemblence in the prisoners held by the government to that of the Nazis. It illustrates that that sort of thing can happen again. Ultimately, I don't see this sort of thing happening due to the Tories of all political persuasions, as if Margaret Thatcher was the greatest threat to freedom the UK has ever experienced. At many points the film began to deteriorate into a ridiculous lambusting of conservatives, with thinly masked accusations that the Western governments have not only been using terrorism for their own benefit but making the whole thing up. It was a hatred for Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s that inspired Alan Moore when he wrote the original graphic novel, however, and he is far from the first artist to have a questionable perception of reality. Despite that, I appreciate this film greatly for its portrayal of the fragility of freedom and democracy.

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