Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Comic Books in the Classroom?"

It truly is funny how times change. When I was a kid, which was only a little over a decade ago, teachers would send home notes telling me to stop bringing comic books to school. Now, teachers are using comic books as learning tools:

Generations of children grew up reading comic books on the sly, hiding out from parents and teachers who saw them as a waste of time and a hazard to young minds. Comics are now gaining a new respectability at school. That is thanks to an increasingly popular and creative program, often aimed at struggling readers, that encourages children to plot, write and draw comic books, in many cases using themes from their own lives.

In an age of video games, iPods and YouTube, anything that gets children excited about reading can't be all bad. Comic books have been sources of great entertainment for years, and it's time they got the respect they deserve.

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