Monday, January 7, 2008

Michael Medved wrong on RINOs

In a recent article, Michael Medved attacked those that use the term "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) to describe conservatives who aren't really conservative. In so doing, he made a statement that really didn't make much sense, and that I know he's smart enough to know is false:

Ronald Reagan himself used to say that “if somebody agrees with me 70% of the time, rather than 100%, that doesn’t make him my enemy.” Democrats understand this principle--- they never attack “DINO’s,” Democrats In Name Only. In fact, they understand the usefulness of such figures: they put forward several conservative Democrats in key Congressional districts in 2006, and those “DINO’s” helped them win a majority in the House.

There is a longstanding and very well known practice by those on the left of sabotaging Democratic political campaigns by supporting campaigns that better suit their values and beliefs. Ralph Nader did this for well over a decade, and gained support in his efforts from such prominent liberals as Michael Moore and celebrities like the Beastie Boys. In this next general election in San Francisco, Cindy Sheehan herself is running against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

And have we already forgotten the attempt by millionare Ned Lamont to unseat Joe Lieberman?

It's perfectly legitimate for people to criticize politicians who wear false labels and masquerade as what they're not, and it's not childish or self-destructive as Medved asserts. What is truly self-destructive is behaving like a Communist party leader by verbally demeaning those who dare criticize the Party.

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