Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moral Hypocrisy in California?

I've found a rather bizarre paradox present since moving to California from Washington. The government as well as businesses in California seem to be absolutely obsessed with global warming, and just about every new product that is marketed is marketed as somehow fighting the phantom menace of global warming.

Unfortunately, it appears that this conscientious attitude isn't being shared when it comes to other humans. Many outlying areas, such as in parts of Oakland and Fruitvale, are filled with sketchy neighborhoods that look like they've been abandoned by the rest of the population. There are homeless throughout the entire Bay Area, to a degree much more depressing than in Seattle. Whereas alot of homeless in Seattle were talking to themselves and looked like they were a little crazy, many of the homeless in SF seem disturbingly normal.

Global warming to me still seems like another menacing call of destruction by the mainstream media, and none of it has affected me. I find it much more concerning that alot of people in such a proudly liberal and progressive area are living in filth.

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