Monday, January 7, 2008

Slate on "Obama’s Cocky Messianism"

When cable news anchors talk about you being "delivered" so that America "can rejoin the world" and sculptures are made of you as a Christ figure, it's hard for any human being to avoid endulging in a little ego tripping, especially a human who has enough self confidence to believe himself capable of being commander in chief of the world's greatest superpower after two years serving in the United States senate.

Slate writer Christopher Beam illustrates this in his article "Obama's Cocky Messianism:"

But now, with Iowa as his witness, Obama is he starting to sound like he believes the prophecies, too. The “epiphany” line was a joke—but he also kind of meant it. Because he’s loose on the stump, self-deprecating yet cocky, Obama gets away with appropriating the language of his own deification. He mocks it, but at the same time reinforces it. It’s hard to be humble when your overflow room is overflowing.

There were other moments of self-puffery. At one point, he introduced a volunteer as the chair of “Obamans for—” He caught himself. “Nashuans for Obama.” However innocently, Obama had just bestowed himself with fame’s highest honor: his very own adjectival form.

Seriously, guys, he's a human being who knows how to speak good and oozes charisma from every poore in his body. We haven't seen a whole lot of evidence that he's good at anything else.

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