Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lucas on Faith

I was searching through the internets and found a gem of an interview with George Lucas from 1999, about the time The Phantom Menace came out. It surrounds Lucas' views on religion. He says some really interesting stuff, such as this:

I think there is a God. No question. What that God is or what we know about that God, I'm not sure. The one thing I know about life and about the human race is that we've always tried to construct some kind of context for the unknown. Even the cavemen thought they had it figured out. I would say that cavemen understood on a scale of about 1. Now we've made it up to about 5. The only thing that most people don't realize is the scale goes to 1 million.

That is a really powerful statement, and relates to many of the outspoken atheists of today that talk like they have everything figured out. Christopher Hitchens, I'm looking at you!

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