Saturday, February 23, 2008


I went to WonderCon, the Bay Area comic book and pop culture convention, on Friday. It was pretty overwhelming, despite my history with comic book conventions. In Seattle I had been used to conventions that were much smaller in size than this one. I usually spend only a small amount of time at places like this that are so overflowing with humanity. I prefer small concerts in nice little venues to big musical festivals, for example. I left pretty early, and with a splitting headache.

I did have the unexpected pleasure while there of meeting Jon Provost, the man who played Timmy on Lassie at the dawn of television. Provost seemed ambivalent about his role on Lassie when I met him, saying in a quiet tone, "Yeah, that was me...' as I'm sure he has said hundreds of times before at similiar conventions. I purchased his autobiography, took a picture with him and look forward to reading his story. I didn't regret paying the full cover price of $27 for it, as he stood out to me in the midst of superheroes, manga and science fiction.

I also surprisingly ran into Nightclubber Lang AKA Karim, of the once Seattle based Boom Bap Project. I had interviewed him along with DJ Scene for three years and Karim sounded and looked exactly the same. He's now working as an events coordinator for the hip-hop culture TV channel MYX. Boom Bap Project is some serious underground hip hop, with none of the dumbed down ignorance and stupidity of today's pop music. If you have never heard them before, check for their most recent release, The Shakedown.

Events like WonderCon seem like a mixed bag. There's alot to be offered there, but unfortunately they can be overwhelming and disorienting.

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