Monday, March 31, 2008

Arab troops fighting along Americans in Afghanistan

Very good news comes from the BBC, which reports that troops from the United Arab Emirates have been participating as part of US led coalition in Afghanistan:

It has emerged that Muslim troops from an Arab country have been involved in full-scale military operations in Afghanistan as part of the United States-led coalition.

Troops from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been operating in Afghanistan for five years, mainly in a humanitarian aid role.

But they have also been involved in clashes with the Taliban.

Major Ghanem al-Mazouri says his troops try to win the hearts and minds of Afghanis.

"We go to the elders in this area, and we try to convince the people about the US, About British," he said.

"They came here to give you peace."

There is a far longer report as the second story in the March 29 edition of the BBC Radio podcast "From Our Foreign Correspondent."
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