Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Daily Show takes on Berzerklians.

It's a little surreal to be living a block away from nationwide news. That's exactly my situation, as I am only a few blocks from the US Marine Corps recruiting station that has set Berkeley-area activists on fire. The Daily Show did a great job of making fun of these buffoons. The best bit is when the anchor asks a protestor who talks about her right to free speech, "Wouldn't it be great if there was an organization sworn to defend that free speech?" The protestor totally doesn't get the joke and says, "Yeah, that'd be great."


UPDATE: In the video, one of the City Councilpersons says, "The Marines should have better sense than to come to Berkeley." The loudest person in the room is often oblivious to the opinions of those who speak at a normal pitch, so that councilperson may be surprised to know that not everyone in the city of Berkeley is an aging hippie. UC Berkeley is one of the most respected institutions of higher education in the Northern California area, and as such attracts people of all backgrounds from throughout California and the world. Many of these people have skills as everything from engineering to public speaking skills that would be valued by a career in the military. It's very totalitarian to try to take these people's options away from them because they're not ones that you would choose.

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