Saturday, March 22, 2008

Did Obama sell out his own grandmother?

According to Christopher Hitchens, he did. The following excerpt is taken from March 20 interview on Hugh Hewitt's talk radio show:

HH: Now, Obama, big speech on religion and Jeremiah Wright. You were a little ahead of the curve on this, Christopher Hitchens. You saw this coming. Has Obama’s explanation satisfied you?

CH: No. And it’s because he talks as if there was no such thing as getting over resentment, let alone paranoia and conspiracy theory, and vulgar anti-Americanism of the kind practiced by his pastor, until he, Obama, had come on the scene, as if we’d only recently begun to transcend all this. I don’t know what he’s been reading or not, rather, reading all this time. I mean, at least in my own memory, forty years ago, approximately, a very great man, very great American, was vilely murdered for making these points in rather more difficult circumstances. So I object to the solipsism of the Senator in saying you know, this is a whole new breakthrough that my pastor and I have to work through. Nonsense. Then I actually object to him using his grandmother. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, or whether you were young, as I was, there was a saying about politicians, they’d sell their own grandmother?

HH: Oh, yes.

CH: Well, he just did. I’ve never seen it done before, actually. You say these things.

HH: (laughing)

CH: Then you see it occur.

HH: He did.

CH: if yes, well okay, this big mouth rock and roll idiot, Jeremiah Wright, may have said some ghastly things, but so did my now-dead grandmother, who isn’t here to defend herself.

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