Saturday, March 15, 2008

Review: Blue State

Anna Paquin's style is quite unique. In a film industry that often pushes the most outlandish, unreal personalities, she comes across as your average American girl. This is put to use in Blue State, where she depicts Chloe, a (major spoiler up ahead) US Army deserter who takes up with John Logue, a Kerry/Edwards campaigner and Democratic activist (played by Breckin Meyer) who decides to actually move to Canada following the re-election in 2004 of George W. Bush. Though she poses throughout much of the film as a blue-haired California tree-hugger, her real side comes out and butts heads with Meyer's outspoken political views.

Curiously enough, Paquin's character in Blue State isn't that far off from her role as Rogue in the X-Men trilogy. Like Rogue, Chloe is on the run from a past she cannot escape and during that escape comes across someone who will mean everything to her. In X-Men, it was Wolverine, and here it is John Logue.

I hope we see alot more of Paquin in smaller budget films like Blue State. She has quite alot of potential. Blue State is now available on DVD, and can be purchased on

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