Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Upcoming Star Wars TV shows, and the Legacy of the Prequels

There was a pretty decent article on the upcoming live action Star Wars TV show over at Collider Magazine. The writer laid out several rumors he's heard about the upcoming show:

# The live action and animated shows will be considered official canon of the star wars universe.
# The live-action show is going to end up on whatever network pays the most. However, I’ve heard they’re talking about the show being on HBO or even Showtime. Which jives with the slugline for the show…think Deadwood meets The Sopranos. Want a bit more? Could the live action show feature Gangsters? Could it follow the underworld of the Star Wars universe? Perhaps even a crime family? Have I said too much? Again, think Deadwood meets The Sopranos.
# The seasons for the live action show might be as short as 12 episodes… again…think Sopranos.
# The show is definitely PG-13. I’ve heard it’ll be dark. It’s definitely not being made for kids.
# The Skywalker story is finished. From what I’ve been told, their story is done and they aren’t on the live-action show at all. The show is new characters…with a few people you might know from the movies mixed in here and there.
# And for those that don’t know….the animated show takes place between episodes two and three, while the live-action is between three and four. Obviously some storylines might take place outside of those times, but that’s where the primary action takes place. Just like while the live action might follow a crime family, there will be episodes that focus on other things.

It's a good article, but he spends alot of time shitting on the Star Wars prequels. It bothered me when he said that the prequels "did damage" to the Star Wars mythos, and so I'm going to say my piece about the prequels and leave it.

The prequels get a completely unfair rap. Lucas set himself up for this for waiting so long, and he also disappointed by telling a very different story from the original trilogy in a very different way, with far better special effects and a much more serious tone. Whereas the original trilogy was total black and white good vs. evil, the prequels relished in gray as audiences are asked to sympathize with the suffering of the mass murdering Anakin Skywalker. After watching all of them in order over a few days, I think witnessing the perversion of Anakin from a cute little boy to the personification of evil and the degradation of a flourishing democracy into a ruthless empire makes the victory that Luke, Leia, Han and company achieve in Return of the Jedi much more satisfying. After seeing the damage that Palpatine did to the galaxy and to the Skywalker family, seeing Vader turn on him means much more than it did when I watched ROTJ as a kid.

Revenge of the Sith
also had the best soundtrack I've ever heard in a movie, hands down.

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