Monday, March 24, 2008

VIDEO: CNN interviews Iraqi students on their thoughts on the US presidential election

CNN's Kyra Phillips asks some Iraqi students who they hope wins the presidential election in the United States and finds nearly all of the students in attendance want one thing: security. I liked what the female student towards the end of the video had to say the most when she said that "someone is benefitting" from the inner turmoil in Iraq. With Shiite Iran pushing for power in Iraq and Sunni terrorists coming from other countries, it seems that it is more outsiders who are feeding off of chaos than Iraqis.

To watch the video, follow the link at Hot Air.

An added note: A discussion of the kind seen in the above video, with various and differing viewpoints expressed freely in front of a foreign camera crew, would never be occurring in Iraq if it were not for the actions of President George W. Bush. Just something to think about.

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