Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why Gildersleeve

My namesake as a blogger, Gildersleeve, is taken from the old radio show The Great Gildersleeve. I discovered the show when I found a tape containing two episodes of the show from 1949 at Golden Age Collectibles, a comic book and collectibles store in Pike Place Market in Seattle. I continued listening to the show on tapes and CDs, as well as on the show When Radio Was, for years until the internet made it to the point where mp3s of old radio shows became easy enough to get a hold of that purchassing them in small quantities was no longer necessary.

The two episodes that I first listened to are now available for free download through the wonderful website The Internet Archive. They were called "The Circus" and "The Haunted House." Along with Gildersleeve, you can download episodes of Jack Benny, Quiet Please and the CBS Radio Workshop, among literallly thousands of others. There's no need to feel guilty for downloading these for no charge, either. There is no copyright on these old shows, and the businesses that charged for them for years, like Radio Spirits, were essentially only charging for the practice of packaging them and pressing them onto CD and cassette tape.

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