Monday, April 21, 2008

Avi Lewis on America's "Rise of Hate"

Canadian documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis has gained distribution through Al Jazeera (Surprise!) and his latest masterpiece is "Inside USA - Rise of Hate," in which he makes the case that racism is becoming more and more mainstream, and that the inner bigotry of all Americans is finally beginning to open up.

The video is put to the backdrop of Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage, some of the most reviled members of the right, who have near zero clout within the Republican Party or mainstream conservatism. Much less convincing is when Lewis puts up a clip of Michelle Malkin, a Filipino-American, criticizing the government's response to illegal immigration and tries to tie it to white supremacist hatred of Latinos. Yeah, Avi, that makes alot of sense.

Avi Lewis got a lot of rotation in American talk radio circles last year when he got pummelled on air by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born ex-Muslim who has literally put her life on the line and has to be accompanied by bodyguards everywhere due to the criticism she has levelled at Islam. I can't help but find Ali to be heroic, as she has said what many think but not dare say. Lewis doesn't risk anything by demonizing America.

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