Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VIDEO: Barack Obama: "I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying at the church"

I understand the analogy of the 30 second loop of the stupidest things a person has ever said, but Wright pushed these stupid things forward himself by distributing and selling these comments on video. I do like that he said if Wright wasn't retiring, he would have left the church. I must concede that in the contest of Obama and McCain Obama definitely takes the cake for cooler guy that would be fun to hang out with. If he qualifies as the President or not is a separate thing altogether.

In his spin control of the pastoral mess, Obama is bringing up the topic of baby boomers still living in a time warp, which is a very timely subject though it may make quite a large portion of the electorate uncomfortable. From hearing Howard Zinn talking to Dennis Prager and talking about Vietnam every time Iraq is brought up and the general idea among many war opponents that Iraq is the same situation and Vietnam and can be solved the same way (if you indeed think that that Vietnam was solved) to the staunch opposition to Social Security reform much of today's politics are stuck in a narrow generational focus. My mom has said that people from the "Greatest Generations" still stockpile canned foods, and I suppose I'll do something similiar as I grow older. Nevertheless, it will be a good thing if Obama, who is not a baby boomer, is able to step past the old hat and bring something fresh to the table.

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