Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hitch Bitch

When I first heard about this, I thought that Vanity Fair had talked Christopher Hitchens into maintaining a blog, a task he would be more than capable of accomplishing with flying colors. Alas, it was for not. Hitch Bitch is a blog, but its contents are a myriad of rants from angry readers. Here's a sample:

After reading much of Mr. Hitchens’s literary diarrhea, one can only assume that this is a man who has attached himself, like a leech, to the ideas of others. He has not done anything worthwhile with his time, and instead chooses to hoist fine scotch and run his mouth incessantly. His type can be found at any bar, on any given evening, anywhere. —Sid Wine, Kihei, Hawaii

I think the guys over at Christopher Hitchens Watch may want to sue VF for taking their idea.

Also the Hitch Bitch logo bears a very uncanny resemblence to Orson Welles:

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