Friday, April 4, 2008

Moby evolves on "Last Night"

After over a decade of albums featuring his bald head, Moby puts some eye candy on his new effort Last Night:

A note to Moby from one listener: I would have been alot less likely to download your album if you had put yourself on the album.

As for the actual album, I'm not done listening to the whole thing but he seems to have moved away from the ambient/electropop sound of Play and 18 (the last two albums I've heard of his) to a more house/hip hop approach, with heavy bass, turntables and alot of keyboards in tow. It's good to see Moby grow in this way and shows that he has been able to adapt as electronic music continues to evolve and become more complex.

By the way, if Moby comes to your town, go see him. He is a great live show and doesn't simply play around with equipment as alot of electro acts will. He's a magnificent guitar player, and backs him up with equally accomplished musicians in his band.

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