Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reselling Vitamin Water

I'm a big fan of Vitamin Water, especially the peach and Formula 50 (which is the grape one endorsed by rapper 50 Cent) variants. I think what the product they're putting out is the natural soft drink extension of the mainstream embrace of health bars like Clif Bar, Power Bar and similiar products. However, even I sometimes have reservations about consumer capitalism. Companies are shamelessly biting off of the idea of VitaminWater, creating barely disguised reprouctions of their product. From Sobe's "Life Water" to Snapple's "Antioxidiant Water," these companies have just taken another idea and ripped it off without coming up with much of anything new. Creativity often relies on building off of other's ideas, but that's different than just stealing them and marketting them as your own.

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