Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Will Bush skip the Olympics opening?

This is a very pleasant surprise, considering the West has been turning their eyes from China's actions for the last few years. Obviously we shouldn't polarize a government too much that has nuclear weapons and a great deal of our economic investment, but we should not treat them as an ally or member of the civilized nations club either.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The White House left the door open Tuesday to President Bush skipping the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics to protest China's human rights record and its crackdown in Tibet.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino, however, suggested that the president might attend some of the athletic events at the Olympic Games in August if he skipped the opening.

The president has said since last year that he plans to attend the Olympics, but he has never been specific about his visit. Bush has stressed he's a sports fan who wants to support U.S. athletes at the games.

I totally understand what he's saying here. Bush should attend ceremonies and games that are related to U.S. athletes and teams, and abstain from anything that works to simply promote China.

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