Friday, May 16, 2008

Solving the Gay Marriage dilemma: Let individuals define what "marriage" means to them

I have a very unorthodox opinion on gay marriage that is a bit outside of both realms of debate. In other words, I don't fall in with the Christian fundamentalists in opposition or the gay rights groups in favor. In honor of the recent California court decision on gay marriage, I have decided to finally put this opinion into words.

Gay people deserve all the rights of straight people, and I think they would more easily be able to gain those rights if their fighting for them didn't appear to be threatening to the values of religious institutions. The way to solve this would be to completely get government out of the marriage business and reduce its involvement to something similiar to an driver's license, permitting a "license of union" or something similiar to two individuals that decide to live in a personal union.

This would make government involvement minimal, and reduce it to allowing couples to average their incomes and whatnot. How the couple chooses to define their union could be left to their church, synagogue, mosque, temple, family, friends or themselves. By going in either the evangelical or gay marriage direction at this point government is endorsing ideology, and in my honest opinion government should be as unideological as possible if it is to keep from infringing on its citizens' lives.
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