Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wright is no Malcolm

In the New York Times today, there was an article on Black Liberation Theology written, oddly enough, by another Michael Powell. In the article a Dr. James H. Cone sites Malcolm X's rhetorical style in order to explain away the hurtful and disgusting opinions of Jeremiah Wright:

But many black theologians (even those who take strong exception to Mr. Wright’s views and argue that black liberation theology is a politicized artifact of an earlier era) defend him and say that the news media and Obama’s foes have caricatured him and misunderstood the intentionally provocative role of a liberationist pastor. “Deep down in all of us is that Malcolm X who cries out in such strong language,” said Dr. Cone, who is a professor of systematic theology at Union Theological Seminary.

I don't quite like people using the name of Malcolm X to justify a man like Wright. Malcolm searched for truth, while Wright has been wallowing in the same Victimhood Theology for the last few decades. Malcolm sought freedom for his people, while Wright is a neo-segregationist. Malcolm was a conservative in his behavior, dress and style, while Wright is a carnival exhibit who takes the Lord's name in vain while claiming to speak for Him. Malcolm rejected and admitted he was wrong about many of the more hateful and sometimes racist positions he had taken early in his career, while Wright, a man of 66 who should know better at such an age, still touts opinions that make Malcolm X look like Joe Lieberman. To compare the two is to compare a great man with a man whose greatness resides only in his mind.
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