Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting political with the Madison Park Times

I got a print edition of my alma mater, the Madison Park Times, today and was pleasantly surprised by a heavy dose of political coverage in the paper. Staying fair and balanced as always, there was an article focussing on Kim Verde, who is running as a Republican for the State House of Representatives, and another focussing on United States Representative Jim McDermott.

On Verde, I'm confident that Seattleites would vote for a moderate, articulate Republican if they were presented with one, instead of the cooks and crazies that usually run as Republicans in the 43rd. It's good to see that we have one serious enough to warrant a cover story in a monthly newspaper.

As for McDermott, I respect congressmen like him alot more than senators because they are willing to speak their mind instead of trying to be all things to all people, as the two major presidential candidates are doing. I think McDermott is well-intentioned and he's right in what he wants. It's only the means I disagree with.
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