Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moveon.org's new ad is another exercise in emotional irrationality

If Moveon.org floods the election with ads like the following, many not already inclined that way will end up voting for John McCain. This is such a bunch of idiotic, emotional, anti-thought nonsense. The woman's child, as a grown man in a free country, will have the right to enlist in the military, not enlist in the military, become a teacher, become homeless, become a Democratic activist, become a Republican activist, climb Mt. Everest, skydive over Nevada or become a male stripper. We have an all-volunteer army. If this is Moveon's "most effective ad," it may turn out to be the most effective in getting conservatives behind McCain. Her child is more likely to be taken away in when he gets arrested and charged as a sex offender for touching a girl's butt.

Additional: This ad and the other "100 years" ad is the product of a mentality on the part of the Moveon.org of a total ruthlessness that claps and applauds for anything that will destroy their political opponents, whether or not it is honest or factually valid. This isn't a simply left-wing thing, obviously, but it is something that Moveon uses without any regret. I'm met alot of people with this mentality with regard to politics and I have no respect for it, as it shows a total lack of honesty, decency and honor.

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