Friday, June 27, 2008

On the D.C. gun ban

Washington, D.C. may be a testament to the fact that gun-control laws target the wrong people. A large amount of guns used in D.C. crimes have been obtained second-hand or from outside states but controlling laws such as the one struck down today are known for keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiders who obtained their guns through legitimate means for self-defense.

I wrote an article called "We must stem the flow of guns" last year after the Virginia Tech shooting. I still think we should go after the flow of guns and other weapons into psychotic, deranged people, drug dealers and criminals, but I edged a little close to sounding like a gun grabber. The article was more of an emotional response to the VT shooting that a well thought out position on policy. From my experience of being at the mercy of bullies in public school, I understand how important the right of defense is to a human being's dignity and the Second Amendment was put in place to protect that right.

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