Monday, June 9, 2008

"Scenes From An Iraqi Wedding"

NPR's Corey Flintoff reported on a large Iraqi wedding, a rare event that is increasing in occurrence with the improving security situation. The couple is very beautiful, yet also very solemn.

Here's a sign that things might be looking up in Baghdad.

Last year, I did a story about how wedding photographers were hurting for business, because the security situation was so awful that young people either couldn't meet or didn't feel optimistic enough to commit to marriage.

The weddings that did take place were very private affairs because people didn't want to draw attention that could lead to a terrorist attack.

Last Friday, I was invited to an afternoon wedding party in the relatively safe and upscale neighborhood called Karrada. True, there was a bombing at a crowded restaurant there a couple of days before, but the situation was safe enough that I and some of NPR's Iraqi staff members were able to drive to the banquet hall without security guards.

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