Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sophia Nelson: GOP has "obsession" with "race-baiting"

Over at her blog former GOP activist and political pundit Sophia Nelson contends that it is a mistake for Republicans to "go after" Michelle Obama. She contends that to do so is to continue in "race baiting:"

If the GOP is so sorry as to have to go after a candidate's wife (wait, haven't we been here before--hmmm--Clinton. . .Hillary--ring a bell anyone???) in what will go down in history no matter what the outcome as the most historic Presidential candidate on record since we started electing Presidents in the 1780s, the Party is in more trouble than I even I had suspected.

The GOP's obsession with sticking with the tried and true of subtle race baiting is starting to annoy me. We saw the ugly specter of race baiting in the democratic primary play out over and over again and sadly, the Clinton's were at the epicenter of the racial storm. Can't the GOP (Grand Old Party) see that to win this election by scaring white voters about the prospect of having a black President and his equally intelligent ivy league educated wife as First Lady is pathetic?

This accusation of "race-baiting" is, in fact, a case of race-baiting itself. Michelle Obama has made politically charged speeches where she has said opinionated things, an act which in the world of American politics makes you open to criticism. Cindy McCain has dodged the kind of criticism that has been aimed at Obama because she has not thrown herself into politics. If she were to, I'm sure left wing bloggers would find her to be fair game.

To insinuate that people should not address the controversial statements that Michelle Obama says because she is a black woman (a fact that in a more sane world would be as relevant as the color of her hair) lest they be participating in "race-baiting" comes very close to classifying as "the soft bigotry of low expectations," as it argues that we should treat Obama differently because of her skin color. It also seems that Nelson is the one who is really obsessed with race-baiting.

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