Monday, July 28, 2008

Barack's hubris

John Tabin at The American Spectator notes that Barack Obama has had a lubricated rise from "community organizer" to the Democratic nomination:

It's possible that Obama forgets that he still needs to be elected because a competitive general election is totally unfamiliar to him. In Chicago, where the Republican Party barely exists, the winner of the Democratic primary automatically wins the general election. During the 2004 race for U.S. Senate, the Illinois GOP was in full meltdown and failed to field a serious candidate, settling instead on the buffoonish perennial election-loser Alan Keyes; Obama easily crushed him.

Indeed, even in primaries Obama has had an amazingly easy time of it. In his first election to the state senate, he played Chicago hardball and got all his opponents kicked off the ballot by challenging their petition signatures. He faced no serious opposition in his reelection campaigns. In the 2004 Senate primary, his most formidable opponent, Blair Hull, lost his considerable lead in the polls when his ex-wife's allegations of domestic abuse became public, clearing the path for Obama. Until he ran for president, Obama's toughest race was the one he lost, for Bobby Rush's seat in the U.S. House.

Apart from his hard-earned victory over Hillary Clinton, Obama has had a largely easy time getting to the top. Someone should tell him that no one stays on top forever.

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