Wednesday, July 30, 2008

China unleashes incredibly bold anti-smog plan

My friend Jeff told me that China has smog on a good day that is worse than Los Angeles on a bad day. I looked it up and got this picture of the view from the infamous Tiananmen Square:

China is now putting effort into combatting its smog problem in time for their Olympic coming out party:

Environmental officials in China have announced plans to put in place fresh draconian anti-pollution measures to combat the smog in time for the Olympics.

With the official opening of the athletes' village yesterday shrouded in pea-soup fog, pressure is piling on the government to bring the city's air quality problems under control before the start of the Games in just 11 days.

You read that right. They're going to attempt to clear up their smog problem in less than two weeks. Chinese ingenuity, I tell ya.

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