Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A letter from an NPR listener

The following letter was posted as a comment over at the Bryant Park Project's website:

I am very disappointed that NPR has chosen to discontinue funding fof the BPP. As a listener in the midwest (Oklahoma) I was lucky enough to have Sirius Satellite Radio otherwise, I would not have even known BPP existed. Now, it will no longer matter. This is unfortunate and unsatisfying.

As a longtime, tech savy listner, I found the BPP to be my new morning show "home". It is the type of programming that I believe NPR needed to stay relevant to the future NPR listener.

I have been an NPR supporter and contributed to my local station, but I have been resistent to continuing my committment because my local station has failed to introduce other NPR programming that I found enlightening, engaging, entertaining and relevant. I found the BPP met my listening needs and alleviated my concerns about the future of NPR in many ways.

I will continue to listen to NPR and may even be moved to support it financially again in the future. However, as in the past, I am concerned about the future of NPR.


Daniel Howard

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