Thursday, July 24, 2008

Noam Chomsky on erotica

I have said for a while that the political spectrum is not a straight line or the tilted square that many libertarians portray it as, but instead a circle. To illustrate my point, take Noam Chomsky, a man so far to the Left that he ends up on the far Right. In the following video he uses far-left obsessiveness with economic unfairness to back up what is at its core a Puritan notion that pornography must be banned:

I don't see the link between sweatshops and pornography, and it's very condescending on Chomsky's part to talk about women in porn as participating in an activity that results from "conditions in which woman cannot get decent jobs." Not everything is related to economics, Mr. Chomsky. Professional wrestling, for instance, is not the most dignified profession, but it's pretty hard to argue that professional wrestlers are suffering from conditions in which they can't get "decent jobs."

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