Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gregoire vs. Rossi Round 2

I just finished watching the Washington state governor's debate. Here's my response:

Dino Rossi seemed far more communicative, adopting the technique that Barack Obama used in his final debate of talking right to the camera. Like John McCain, Christine Gregoire seemed cold and angry. Alot of what she said sounded like talking points, whereas Rossi seemed more spontaneous.

I found it a little interesting that, even after Rossi mocked Gregoire's comparing him to President Bush, Gregoire kept on comparing him to Bush. It almost seemed like she wasn't listening to what he was saying and just kept reading what she already had planned.

Gregoire reminded me alot of Hillary Clinton, a career politician who felt entitled to her throne. Rossi appears as an outsider uncomfortable with the mindset of most politicians.

Rossi countered Gregoire's point about there being a "world class education system" in Washington state by pointing out that 16,000 a year are dropping out of school. Is that Gregoire's idea of "world class education?" I can tell Governor Gregoire a few stories about my world class education at the wonderful schools of the Seattle School District. A world class education system doesn't have its admission systems found unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.

I really like what Rossi said about excessive partisanship and being willing to work with an Obama-Biden administration. When Dwight Eisenhower decided to try out politics, he considered running as a Democrat with Harry Truman being deciding to be a Republican. That lack of partisanship needs to return.

I haven't been following Washington state politics closely for the past year, so I'm a bit confused on the issue of the deficit. Rossi and Gregoire seemed to disagree on the facts, since Rossi talked of a budget deficit and Gregoire said there was a surplus. If anyone more knowledgable would like to help me out (objectively), please do.

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