Thursday, November 27, 2008

Manga Enters "Dead Space"

There's something interesting going on with the new Dead Space franchise. While launching as a video game for Playstation, XBox and Windows, it is also launching as an animated film and a comic book. Usually the comic book or the film come a long time after the game has been successful.

The art for the Dead Space comic book, which was published by the Berkeley-based Image Comics, was great. I originally saw it when I met artist Ben Templesmith at WonderCon in San Francisco earlier this year.

The Dead Space animated film, which is put up by MANGA Entertainment, has just been released. It, too, looks great. The trailer reminds me a bit of an episode of the British comedy Red Dwarf, called "Psirens," in which the crew finds themselves trapped in an asteroid field where dozens of ships have had their crews murdered by blood-sucking aliens.

Take a peek at the Dead Space trailer:

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