Thursday, March 5, 2009

Speaking With Ardnt

Below is an excerpt of a recently published interview I conducted with Ardnt Peltner, a German born journalist and the host of the popular San Francisco based radio show/podcast Radio Goethe:

How did you end up in the Bay Area?
I moved over here after finishing my training as a radio journalist in Germany. I knew the Bay Area from a previous stay. Before getting into radio I studied social work and did an internship in San Francisco.
So, i jumped onto the chance to become a freelance correspondent in the summer of '96. Just wanted to stay three years....that plan didn't turn out.

What motivated you to start Radio Goethe?
I love music and I have been collecting records all my life. When I came to SF I realized, that there are almost no German bands played on the radio. So I went to KUSF and offered them the show idea to produce a program just focusing on German music. They liked the idea, since they played bands like Kraftwerk, Faust or the Einstuerzenden Neubauten. In the beginning I just hosted in German, later I switched, while realizing that my audience is mostly American.

You can read the entire thing at

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