Friday, November 13, 2009

Deschamps Mix #1: Housse de Racket, Van She, Miami Horror, The Fascination Movement, White Lies

The first Deschamps Mix is done. Mixing the podcast turned out really well. If all goes well, I hope to have one of these up once a week, either on Friday or Saturday.

Here's the link:

Deschamps Mix #1

Here's the track list:

Van She - Don't Fear the Reaper
Housse de Racket - Synthetiseur
Miami Horror - Sometimes
Carl Sagan – ‘A Glorious Dawn’ ft. Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)
The Fascination Movement - Radio
The Fascination Movement - Bringing Down the Walls
Housse de Racket - Le Rendez-vous
White Lies - Nothing to Give - M83 Remix

Since this is the first go at it, any feedback (of the constructive variety, of course) will be appreciated.

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