Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M.O. Powell's Midweek Round-Up

These sorts of things usually happen on Friday, but seeing as Wednesdays are not usually the funnest days in the week, I thought I would provide it now. Here's the round up in things that have struck me this week. Hope you enjoy.

John Locke's Rap Video:

A friend sent me this video. It is so positively bizarre. If it weren't for the Sky News logo, I wouldn't even think it was real. A Christian friend said it was like he was possessed by the devil.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote the best commentary on the South Park controversy with her Wall Street Journal article. I look forward to what Christopher Hitchens has to say. If he has already written an article, let me know.

Andrew Napolitano has been awesome on the Arizona immigration law. He also has said that it is effectively pushing Hispanics away from the GOP in an earlier video.

From Wikipedia: From 1929 to 1931, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture studio produced a series of short comedy films called All Barkie Dogville Comedies, sometimes known as the “barkies” (in a parody of “talkies”).[1] The actors in these films were trained dogs, dressed up to parody the performers in contemporary films. The dogs’ dialogue in these early sound films was dubbed by actors and voice artists including Pete Smith.

The films were directed by Zion Myers and conceived and co-directed by Jules White. Both Myers and White later worked on The Three Stooges comedies.

The series is somewhat controversial due to methods alleged to have been used to get the dogs to pose and to appear to “talk”.

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